The 41.6 metre Seacat 400+ pax high-speed catamaran ferry was first launched in 2008 and based on the successful Sea Speed Design. The design features the super efficient seaspeed “deep vee” seacat hull and is a custom designed as a high passenger capacity commuter ferry. Almost 300 passengers are on the lower deck with a comfortable seating arrangement of generous seat pitch and extra wide companionways. This area has a large servery/bar and the wash rooms are away from the seating. The upper deck is for 100 VIP passengers in a spacious saloon with three separate exclusive lounge rooms and boardrooms, featuring the latest in flat screen TVs and music systems. Powered by the twin MTU 12v 4000 engines (1740kw) and MJP 650 waterjets combination the full loaded speed is over 31 knots.

Tank testing of the new hull in the Tasmania’s AMC (Australian Maritime College) towing tank were the latest in a series of these tests carried out by Sea Speed Design and

were very successful. The model was tested up to 42 knots giving the option for higher speed Fast Ferry and Crew Boat options.

The Seaspeed boat designers and naval architects have been concentrating on the mid-speed, high performance and fuel economy segment of the market in the 25-35 knot speed range. They appeal to the thrifty boat operator with lower capital cost due to smaller engines and propulsion systems, low operating costs and low emissions whilst operating. The environmental impact being very low per passenger nautical mile.

This vessel available as a new build from Gold Coast Ships Ltd shipyard. Also available as crew transfer vessel and long range VIP transfer vessel.

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      42M Seacat

Up to 440 passengers